Tag game #8

Assalammualaikum dan hai!

Facebook ni banyak hal,orang post status kenapa takleh nampak?Nak jadi invisible man kot,hohoh.Dah dah,tak nak buang masa,nak jawab tag daripada Cik Syarah .Terima kasih banyak-banyak sebab tag :>

1.Who are you?
I'm human

2.What do you want?
I want to eat

3.Which do you prefer?Single or couple?Why?
I prefer to be single .I dont know why,hahaw

4.What are your goals?
9A's for PMR and get number one in exam :)

5.What did you make blog for?
Saja saja,nak buat entry. :D

6.Who are more important to you?Your friends or your gf/bf?
My friends :)

7.Are you a K-Pop?Why?
Yes.Because they are handsome and cute :D

8.Things you like to do?

9.What is your favourite stuff?

10.Your sweetest moment with your mum?
Too many,I cant say :)

11.What are you good at?
Writing.Hahah :D

Okay,babai! :D Maaf,takda soalan nak kasi,malas nak tag pulak tuuu .

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